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December news

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching and the opportunities for recording are getting fewer.

Here’s an update on my acoustic guitar album project. I had hoped to have started recording by now but technical challenges have slowed things down. However, I can report that I have about 19 tracks written, with about 10 or so with additional arrangements. Some of the tracks will be solo guitar, but others have additional instruments such as violin, viola, cello, double bass, woodwind, vibraphone, celesta, chamber strings, and light percussion. None of the tracks are in standard tuning. There’s quite a bit of lyrical music, several more uptempo pieces, including a ragtime piece.

The album title is Atlantic Canticles.

Track titles are : ‘Ticking’, ‘Zennor Knights’, ‘Salt Doll’, ‘Eleanor of Acquifer’, ‘Gull Grey Town’, ‘Sloop Roger B.’, ‘Starlight Dancer’, ‘Postcard From St Ives’, ‘Written On The Roads’, ‘Atlantic Nocturne’, ‘Eleanor of Acetylene’, ‘Mr Peggotty’s Blues’, ‘The Night Above St Ives’, ‘The One Summer’, ‘Rainbow Hunter’, ‘At The Chime Of A Harbour Clock’, ‘Postcard To Denys’, ‘Querulous III’, and ‘Atlantic Canticle’.

I think most of these will be included, depending on running time. More details in the New Year.

While I’ve been re-engaging with various bits of recording equipment I’ve been reminded of past musical song projects which may yet see the light of day, notably an album of songs written in the style of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, a John Barry / rock album called A Kiss In Berlin, and an album of English-themed songs Spitfire Summer. These need re-mixing and possibly a few additional overdubs.

Time to dig out the Christmas music. I’ll be listening to Vaughan Williams’ Symphony 8, Fantasia on Christmas Carols and cantata ‘Hodie’, Prokoviev’s ‘Lieutenant Kije’ suite, Britten’s ‘Ceremony of Carols’, Tveitt’s Piano Concerto no.4, and Peter Warlock’s great carol ‘Bethlehem Down’. And there must be some Sibelius that will suit the season too.

Thanks to everyone who visited the site this year and posted comments. It’s always great to hear from people who have come across my books. I hope you all have a great Christmas holiday and best wishes for the New Year.

P.S. [Christmas Cracker]

If you didn’t see it last year you may find this spoof amusing, which I posted over at the Vienna Symphonic Library:


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  1. Awesome! I look forward to hearing all of your new music! Have a very Merry Christmas, and thanks for all the great books and music!

    December 19, 2012 at 5:11 pm

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