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My main area of research since completing my doctorate has been the life and works of A.C. Swinburne.  In 1987 Nicholas Shrimpton and I organized the Oxford Swinburne Conference at Balliol.  In 1993 Scolar Press published The Whole Music of Passion, a book of essays on Swinburne which I edited with Nicholas Shrimpton, and to which I contributed two chapters.

Book cover of A C Swinburne: A Poet's LifeMy biography A.C. Swinburne: A Poet’s Life was published in 1997. In 2009 I co-edited a special issue of Victorian Poetry dedicated to Swinburne.

My reviews, literary criticism and research have appeared in Notes and Queries, English, The Review of English Studies, English Language Notes (Colorado), English Literature in Transition (Indiana), Victorian Poetry (Virginia),  Victorians Institute Journal (East Carolina), Victorian Newsletter (Kentucky), Bronte Society Transactions, Antiquarian Book Monthly Review, Book and Magazine Collector, and the Pre‑Raphaelite Society Newsletter.


Cover of The Whole Music of Passion
A. C. Swinburne: A Poet’s Life (Scolar Press, 1997)

(editor) Swinburne: Lives of Victorian Literary Figures (Pickering and Chatto, 2008)

The Whole Music of Passion: New Essays on Swinburne (Scolar Press, edited with Nicholas Shrimpton, 1993). Includes two essays – ‘A Century of Swinburne Criticism’ and ‘The Algernonicon, or Thirteen Ways of Looking at Tristram of Lyonesse’.

A C Swinburne and the Singing WordA C Swinburne and the Singing Word (edited by Yisrael Levin)

Swinburne articles and reviews

[ABMR = Antiquarian Book Monthly Review; B&MC = Book and Magazine Collector; E = English; ELN = English Language Notes; ELT = English Literature in Transition; NQ = Notes and Queries; PRSN = Pre‑Raphaelite Society Newsletter; RES = Review of English Studies; TP = Textual Practice; VP = Victorian Poetry; VIJ = Victorians Institute Journal; VN = Victorian Newsletter. BST = Bronte Society Transactions.]

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Win.    1988    Swinburne Without Tears: A Guide to the Later Poetry, VP 26/4, pp.413‑429.  Repr. in Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, vol. 36 (Gale Research Detroit)  pp.341‑348.

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The loneliness of the long distance Swinburnean, PRSN.

Oct      1992    Green Algy: Swinburne’s later poems, PRSN.

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Mar      1993    Swinburne: The Admiral to the Rescue, NQ 40/1, pp.50‑52.

Sep       1993    Christopher Newall, John William Inchbold (Leeds City Art Gallery exhib. cat.).  I provided material on Inchbold and Swinburne for the introductory essay.

Dec      1993    A. C. Swinburne’s Lesbia Brandon and the Death of Edith Swinburne, NQ 40/4, pp.487‑490.

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1997    Commissioned to write a new entry on Swinburne for the revised DNB

Swinburne and the Brontes,  BST 22, 86-95

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Win     2009    co-edited special issue of VP 47, 4 dedicated to Swinburne

2015                A C Swinburne and Balliol College Balliol College Annual Record 49-54


Other articles and reviews

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